I want to change the way

BeyondChi is a proudly Asian female owned beauty brand rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We take a modern approach to ancient rituals for radiant, glowing skin.

We are exiting the era of problem solving skincare and entering the era of self-healing prevention based skincare.

Founder Sha Jin

Meet Sha, our beloved founder at BeyondChi. Once navigating the high pressures of an executive career, Sha found her true calling in the healing traditions of her Chinese heritage, inspired by her family's wisdom in herbal medicine. Each product at BeyondChi springs from Sha’s personal journey back to nature and her deep belief in its restorative powers. As a mother and visionary, Sha infuses her work with the care and passion she shares with her family. Join her as she brings holistic wellness and authentic beauty to life, one natural remedy at a time.

Prepare rather than repair

we believe that true beauty stems from the health and vitality within the skin.

Why Herbal Treatment For Your Skin

Herbal medicine, with over 5,000 years of history, draws from traditions like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kampo, and Ayurveda, recognizing the potency of natural remedies. At Beyondchi, we aim to not just address the skin symptom but get to the root cause of skin issues. Unlock the power of nature's remedies with us. We believe that your skin is intrinsically connected to your mind, body and the environment, and that’s why we practice a bioholistic approach to skin health.