My Journey to BeyondChi: From Corporate Executive to Herbal Wellness Advocate

My Journey to BeyondChi: From Corporate Executive to Herbal Wellness Advocate

Hello, dear readers! I'm Sha, the founder of BeyondChi, and today, I want to share with you the deeply personal journey that led me from the fast-paced world of corporate leadership to rediscovering my roots in herbal medicine and creating a wellness brand dedicated to holistic health.

The Turning Point

For years, my reality was a mosaic of project deadlines, team meetings, and constant pressure. Although I thrived in the challenge, it left little room for personal growth or reflection. Deep down, I knew something was off. The thrill of success was overshadowed by a lack of fulfillment and a yearning for something more—something meaningful that connected with my soul.

The shift came subtly. It started with weekend visits to botanical gardens, then reading books on herbal medicine in the wee hours of the morning—my way of unwinding. These stolen moments became my sanctuary, reconnecting me with a part of myself that I had neglected: my love for nature and the teachings of my grandmother, who was a skilled herbalist.

Rediscovering My Roots

From a very young age, I was fascinated by botany, thanks largely to my grandmother who was an avid gardener and herbalist. She taught me how the beauty and vitality of plants could be transferred to our own skin and health. This wisdom, passed down through generations, inspired a belief in me that true beauty and wellness stem from nature.

Life as a New Mom: Opening Eyes and Doors

The birth of my daughter, Chloe, was the catalyst that propelled me from passive interest to active change. Witnessing her first reactions to the world around her, I was inspired to create an environment that was as pure and safe as possible. This meant reevaluating everything from our diet to our skincare, stripping back to essentials, and eliminating anything that didn’t serve our wellbeing.

I started experimenting with my own skincare formulations, using the simplest of ingredients. The results were not just good; they were transformative. Friends and family began asking for my creations, and the seeds of BeyondChi were sown.

Building BeyondChi

What began as a personal project quickly grew into a mission. I wanted to share the healing power of herbs not only with my loved ones but with a larger community. BeyondChi became a platform to merge traditional herbal wisdom with modern needs, focusing on skincare and health products that go beyond superficial treatments to nurture true wellness.

The Road Ahead

Every day at BeyondChi is a learning experience. The community we’ve built, the stories of healing and happiness, and the journey of continuous discovery keep me motivated.

This blog is a piece of that ongoing story, a diary of sorts, and a testament to the belief that it's never too late to alter your path and embrace your passions. Whether you're here for guidance, inspiration, or curiosity, I invite you to join me on this remarkable journey.

Thanks for taking the time to connect here. Together, let's explore the power of nature, the wisdom of our ancestors, and the personal transformations that lead us to live our truest, most balanced lives.

Warm regards, Sha